Arkansas Long Term Care Volunteer Ombudsmen

The Volunteer Ombudsman Program, as part of the State’s Division of Aging, Adult and Behavioral Health Services, recruits and trains volunteers to visit residents in long term care facilities. Volunteering as a  LTC Ombudsman is a gratifying and meaningful experience. Ombudsmen volunteers provide an essential voice for residents in nursing homes, assisted living and other residential care settings. They help residents understand their rights and exercise them. They also offer compassion, encouragement and support. They create their own schedules, receive on-going training and support as well as receive certification, recognition and educational events.

The mission of the Arkansas Certified Volunteer Ombudsman Program is to help assure that long term care facility residents have the right to live their lives harmoniously and with dignity, feeling free to voice complaints or concerns without reprisal.


Through regular visits in long term care facilities, the Certified Volunteer Ombudsman seeks to enhance the quality of life for long term care residents; by striving to be a trusted advocate for all residents; by educating them regarding their rights; by empowering residents to speak for themselves; and by referring problems to the Volunteer Ombudsman Coordinator of the Regional Ombudsman as appropriate.

For more information about this rewarding opportunity call 800-467-2170.