Grandparent spending time with grandchildren. Continue to live at home.

In-Home Care


At Area Agency on Aging we are dedicated to helping seniors live independent, meaningful and dignified lives. The specialized home care that AAA provides allows seniors or disabled adults to stay in their homes, even as their physical abilities become limited. This type of care is for home-bound seniors who are in need of assistance in their homes and prevents or delays the senior moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home, which allows them to retain the independence and dignity that is so critical to their quality of life. In most cases it is less expensive to receive care in one's own home than to move to a long term care facility such as a nursing home. We have found that most of our clients prefer to remain in their own homes as long as they can safely do so. 

In Home personal care can also be beneficial when a person is recovering from a injury or hospitalization. These services can be very beneficial to someone who is regaining their strength or recovering from an injury. Disabled adults also are much happier when they are living at home with their family members. We provide specialized care for these individuals and provide support for their family caregivers who may become seniors during the course of caring for their disabled loved ones at home.

Our certified personal care aides are background checked, and supervised by a registered nurse who specializes in personal care needs. Each client is visited regularly by a registered nurse who monitors the quality of the services they are receiving, as well as ensures the senior’s evolving needs are being met.


We specialize in home care services for personal care needs such as bathing, grooming, help with hair and clothing, meal preparation, light housekeeping and laundry. These essential services allow seniors and disabled adults to stay in their own homes, where they are most comfortable and happy.


A large number of our clients who receive in-home personal care are Medicaid eligible. Medicaid services must be prescribed by a patient's family doctor and are available for persons with low incomes. However, many of our clients pay for their own services or have health insurance that provides payment for personal care.




Certified home care aides and personal care aides ensure seniors and disabled adults are happy and secure at home